Collect meaningful data

Gather data from any device with custom surveys and crowdsourcing tools

Get the real-time pulse

Know what’s happening on the ground with a real-time feed of incoming posts

Respond to issues

Easily manage incoming posts as a team to survey, triage, and respond to the situation

Tell your story

Visualize an event as it unfolds with maps and interactive charts to make smart decisions

View all features

such as Custom Forms, Data Tools, and Workflows

Ushahidi for

Election Monitoring

  • Easily gather reports from thousands of volunteers on the ground across the country
  • Manage thousands of staff triaging and verifying reports with in-built tasks and permissions
  • Monitor incident spikes on dashboards in real-time
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Ushahidi for

Crisis Response

  • Collect reports from victims on the ground and your field staff via SMS, email, web app, and Twitter
  • Quickly triage reports and organize rapid response across numerous agencies
  • Document ongoing changes in the field with real time mapping and visualization tools
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Ushahidi for

Advocacy & Human Rights

  • Collects sensitive reports anonymously
  • Citizens sign-up for SMS and email Alerts to get immediate news about their area
  • Export via CSV with geolocation for data and trend analysis
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Case Studies

We offer hands on services to help you deploy Ushahidi, train your staff, and build custom plugins or integrations

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