The announcement of Uhuru Kenyatta as the President elect on the 11th of August 2017 resulted in heavy contention over the results by Nasa candidates and their millions of supporters across Kenya. We received a total of 83 reports on security issues around the country between the 11th and the 15th of August. The presidential announcement saw an outburst of violence attacks, riots, armed clashes and vandalism of property in different constituencies. The highest incidences of violence were reported in Nairobi and Kisumu counties with the highest number of reports coming in mostly through SMS and through the media.

Figure 1: Nature of Incidences per County

In Nairobi, citizens reported gunshots throughout the night in Kibera, burning of property, attacks by Mungiki sect members in some informal settlements and riots in Kawangware. Sadly, an eight-year-old pupil from Mathare North primary school in Nairobi was reported dead after being shot during a confrontation between Police and Mathare residents.

Kisumu had the second highest number of reports of violence with residents responding to the presidential announcement with harsh protest. Riots were reported along the Busia-Kisumu road and large groups of people burning tires were to be seen in the streets. Demonstrations resumed in Kisumu on Saturday the 12th of August and the situation was reported to be getting worse as gunshots could be heard in the East of Kisumu. Through twitter, we received reports that two people had been killed in Kondele, Kisumu and that Police were using live bullets.

There were visible fluctuations in the price of food as shopkeepers responded to looting and disorder and in Nyando sub-county, increasing food prices made it difficult for residents to get fresh vegetables.

                  Figure 2:Nature of Incidences Reported


Incidences of violent attacks, riots and armed clashes were the highest reported countrywide, whereas reports on vandalism, attacks on property and dangerous speech, were also considerable. Of the reports that we received, 22 required urgent escalation and we worked closely with our Partners to ensure that reports were filed and that possible assistance would be provided by the Police. By the 12th of August, we had escalated a total of 5 urgent reports of violence and riots including incidences of fire and the urgent need for security in Kibera, gunshots in Langata, Nairobi and Fires in Migori, Western Province.

                 Figure 3: Report Escalation Status

In areas like Mombasa that have historically been hotspots of violence in the previous Kenyan elections, we received reports of widespread peace contrary to the reports of violence that had been claimed. In HomaBay, thousands of youth held peaceful demonstrations to contest the results of their elected Governor.