Adding Posts

How to add posts on your Ushahidi deployment

Registered/non registered users can create posts using the same process described below. For descriptive purposes, the post below has three tasks.

To create a post,

  • Click on the yellow add icon as shown below on your homepage. If you’re viewing any other page on this deployment, this ison will appear on the top left hand corner, just as on the homepage.

  • In the event that you have multiple surveys on your deployment, you’ll have to choose the survey from a list of all surveys available on your deployment.

  • The survey chosen determines which fields will be filled out in each task(if multiple tasks exist). Make sure to fill out all fields with a red asterisk beside them in each task. You will not be able to save or publish your post before these fields are filled out.

  • Once you’re done filling all required fields in a task, make sure to Mark as complete. You’ll notice that this option is disabled until all required fields in the task are complete. You should also note that you won’t be able to save the post if there are required tasks that have not been marked as complete.

  • If you’re an admin, you should be able to set permissions on who will be able to view this post. The Just you can see this dropdown has a list of all custom roles created on your deployment to choose from, as well as the option to leave the post viewable by just you. Setting this option to “Everyone” will publish your post.
  • When you’re done adding content and completing tasks that are required, click on Save.
    • If you’re a non registered user or a user without publish permissions, your post will be submitted to the deployment’s admin for review before publishing.