Sources of Data

What are posts? Where do they come from?

A post is a report of a single instance of something in the deployment. It can be made up of many fields, such as Title, Description, Date, Links, and/or location. Ushahidi allows for collection of posts via

  • SMS: These can be configured to come in via SMSSync, FrontlineSMS, Nexmo and Twilio.
  • Twitter: You can pull our tweets based on specific hashtags.
  • Email: You can configure your deployment to receive post from an email address.
  • Web(your deployment page online): Since Ushahidi is responsive, you can add a post from the web app from any device that can access the internet (a computer, tablet, or mobile phone).
  • Smartphone apps: Our native applications on Android and iOS are still a work in progress at the moment.
This section will describe how to manage data coming in from these different sources